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We specialize in optimizing processes related to engineering documentation.

Our customers are companies whose advantage is specialized knowledge and facilities/equipment, thanks to which they produce extremely important goods for society: medicines, electricity/heat, plastics… Very different products, which are connected by the fact that to obtain them you need to have industrial facilities.


We have this asset, which are objects – we strengthen, providing the crew with full engineering information about it.


Engineering Document Management


Life Cycle Information Management of Industrial Facilities

ATUTOR Digital Integration was established in 2000.


We specialize in optimizing documentation processes.


Our solutions are tailored to specific customer needs and requirements. Our systems are modular, therefore the customer gets what he needs at a particular moment.


We provide comprehensive solutions for technical documentation management as well as company-wide documentation. We also provide the best business IT solutions for sales process management in order to optimize business processes in the company.


Our employees are a team of excellent specialists who can handle any task. In order to meet your expectations and requirements of modern business we constantly develop ourselves and our company through numerous training courses, research and development responsibility.