Energy industry

Our offer for the energy industry

Energy industry

We offer a leading solution for energy companies that want to improve asset management and performance. To solve important problems of your enterprise, our solutions provide an efficient combination of proven Engineering Content Management technology with industry solutions created especially for Energy enterprises. Enterprises specializing in the production of coal, water, atomic energy and energy distribution offer scalable, innovative software that will meet the company’s specific requirements.

Our solutions for the energy industry:

  • Ensure compliance with government regulations

  • They improve communication with both contractors and the entire supplier network

  • They ensure continuity of maintenance

  • They support immediately in an emergency

  • They provide current information about the state of the plant during the implementation of concurrent projects

  • They are a key element of every Atomic Power Plant Configuration Management strateg

Our clients in the energy sector benefit from:

  • Total control of engineering changes

  • Effective management of subcontractors

  • Easy access to accurate data from a single source

  • Downtime reduction

  • Cost reduction thanks to the use of a digital archive

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