In the face of both competitive and regulatory pressures, utility companies can improve profitability and provide better value and service by effectively managing physical assets.

Enhance Asset Performance

Our software links the assets (objects) of the plant to the up-to-date documentation in a quick and easy way, leveraging your investment in existing information management systems.

Our Customers conveniently and electronically maintain knowledge of data throughout the plant’s life to eliminate lost information resulting from staff attrition or retirement.

With BlueCielo for Utilities, companies can immediately gain significant improvements in productivity and efficiency while also improving safety. Operational excellence will improve through higher return on assets and lower production costs, resulting in higher profit margins.

BlueCielo offers the leading solution for Utilities wishing to enhance asset management and performance.

Engineers, maintenance workers, and contractors require full access to information in order to organize, prioritize, and aid in decision-making. To meet all your business challenges, BlueCielo solutions for Utilities deliver a powerful combination of proven Engineering Content Management technology and a comprehensive, integrated industry solution built specifically for Utility companies.

Whether your focus is on hydro, fossil, nuclear generation or electric transmission and distribution, BlueCielo has a scalable and innovative software solution that can meet the specific requirements of your business.

BlueCielo Solutions for Utilities:

  • Ensure compliance with government regulations
  • Improve communication throughout the contractor & supplier network
  • Execute continuous maintenance
  • Respond immediately to emergencies
  • Access the latest as-built information during concurrent projects
  • Are a critical component of any Nuclear Plant Configuration Management strategy

Our Utilities Customers Benefit From:

  • Total control of engineering changes
  • Effective management of subcontractors
  • Easy access to accurate asset information in a single source of truth
  • Reduced system outages
  • Reduced costs by maintaining a digital archive
  • Plant data managed throughout its lifecycle
  • Advanced printing solutions
  • Simplified, seamless, zero-defect handovers - from Maintenance to Operations, contractor to Owner/Operator, and/or Supplier to Maintenance