The volatility of the world’s energy markets requires Oil & Gas companies to keep improving the effectiveness and reliability of their production assets to control operating costs as well as to achieve an improved safety and integrity environment.

Renew Your License to Operate in Just 1 Day

With BlueCielo’s solutions for Oil & Gas, you are in control of your engineering documents and drawings.

Full audit trail, dashboard reporting and immediate access to accurate information allow for optimal response time, project execution and overview.

Our software offers significant benefits in productivity and efficiency as well as improved safety and compliance. Higher return on assets and lower production costs will boost operational excellence and lower production costs, improving your profit margins.

BlueCielo's solutions are used by the largest global Oil & Gas companies to increase efficiency, productivity and protect their license to operate. Our comprehensive solution provides easy discovery, monitoring and protection for your data through a single point of truth at any time, from any location.


In the event of unplanned downtime, the ability to quickly access correct information is critical, and may define the company's profitability and reputation. Oil & Gas companies must control engineering documents and drawings throughout the enterprise and in all phases of the asset lifecycle in order to minimize downtime, reduce overhead costs and improve safety and integrity.

Engineering information about existing assets may be spread across several locations or systems within the organization. If certain engineering documents are required for operational, maintenance or engineering activities, a lot of time can be spent on finding the most up-to-date (as-built) documents. Concurrent engineering change projects and outsourcing further complicate data management as a single document may be in use in multiple projects at once.

BlueCielo Solutions for Oil & Gas:

  • Control documents in all stages of the asset lifecycle
  • Support preventative maintenance and reduce downtime
  • Ensure accurate, up-to-date as-built information
  • Offer comprehensive transmittal management for data exchange with contractors
  • Support compliance with industry, health, safety, environmental and governmental regulations
  • Offer a full audit trail for proof of control
  • Protect your license to operate

Our Oil & Gas Customers Benefit From:

  • Asset-centric Engineering Content Management through a single point of truth
  • Up-to-date Master Data for Maintenance and Engineering
  • Local, hosted or Cloud-based solutions for 24/7 global access
  • Enhanced document identification through tag-doc relations
  • Control of data during change and concurrent engineering
  • Confidence in reduced risk and easier audits
  • Reduced cost of production
  • Integration as standard: IBM Maximo, SAP PM, Ultimo, Datastream, Famis, Archibus, CAD, Office, Microsoft SharePoint and more
  • Improved compliance with standards and regulations: NORSOK, ISO 15926, Pas 55 and ISO 55000
  • Seamless zero-defect handovers - from Maintenance to Operations, contractor to Owner/Operator, and/or Supplier to Maintenance