Increasing global competition means Metals & Mining companies must reduce costs and optimize their profitability – but stricter regulations and growing social pressures require this to be achieved through a sustainable approach.

Collaboration and Compliance with Full Control

BlueCielo offers Metals & Mining companies a fast, reliable and scalable solution that minimizes the cost of operations and maintenance through increased workflow reliability and efficiency and improves regulatory compliance to protect your license to operate.

Our software ensures that the latest engineering documents and drawings are easily accessible, allowing you to increase productivity and efficiency with improved security.


Operational excellence is improved through a greater return on assets and lower production costs, while providing the best profit margins.

BlueCielo offers the leading solution for Metals & Mining companies seeking to integrate vital engineering data with the rest of the organization.

When emergencies arise, it is vitally important that the negative impact on the organization and its clients is reduced to a minimum. The restoration of services is a priority and only quick access to accurate information can minimize the risks to health and to security. When engineers and external suppliers and contractors responsible for maintenance have full access to necessary information, it becomes easier for project teams to organize, set priorities and take decisions. This access demands not only that accurate asset information is easily available at all times, it also requires control over the information that is accessed and a full audit trail of the changes made. With BlueCielo for Metals & Mining, process and instrumentation diagrams, specification sheets, operational procedure standards, spreadsheets and other documentation regarding assets are all easily managed, while the process of change management through the application of annotations, modifications, transactions and approval of documents electronically is optimized.


BlueCielo Solutions for Metals & Mining:

  • Manage your data during all phases of the project and asset lifecycles
  • Increase data quality and operational efficiency
  • Improve the security of production plants and processes
  • Enable collaboration between engineers
  • Ensure compliance with regulations

Our Metals & Mining Customers Benefit From:

  • A single secure source of asset information
  • Any time, any place access to accurate as-built engineering content
  • Collaborative workflows between various disciplines
  • Information exchange with hired engineering companies
  • User-friendly engineering content publishing
  • Compliance with environmental, health, safety and governmental regulations
  • Seamless zero-defect handovers - from Maintenance to Operations, contractor to Owner/Operator, and/or Supplier to Maintenance