Engineering Collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint for Owner/Operators who need to outsource project-related activities and comply with regulations and processes.

BlueCielo Meridian Project Portal is the only MS SharePoint based portal that offers full collaboration with the entire supplier network without giving direct access to the internal master data and workflows. This guarantees data consistency and compliance while minimizing costs related to handover of critical engineering content.

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Many change projects, small up to very large and complex, are partly or completely outsourced to use the best expertise globally available. To keep the change projects within budget and on time, rework and loss of information within the supplier and contractor network must be avoided.

BlueCielo Meridian Project Portal helps companies to execute projects in an external network of suppliers, contractors, authorities and customers. The Project Portal enables project collaboration and document control for asset data managed in BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise and new asset data produced during the modification projects. This data is then made globally accessible to all relevant contractors, suppliers, officials and customers through a standard web browser - no additional client-software installations are required.

The MS SharePoint based BlueCielo Meridian Project Portal fully integrates external resources in the project and document workflows relating to change projects or new plant construction projects. Within the MS SharePoint environment, Document Controllers manage document exchange with external companies who need access to the distributed transmittal packages. After acknowledgement of the transmittal, the external companies can participate in the project, while the Project Portal controls data consistency and completeness for the Document Controller upon submission of the delivered work.

Key Capabilities

Engineering Project Collaboration

Change projects are initiated from the available master data (or previous projects), but based on available preconfigured templates. The Project Portal follows the BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise project by providing the necessary information management workspaces. Different workspace models can be utilized based on project size (e.g.: capital expense projects into dedicated workspaces, operational expense projects into one single plant maintenance workspace).

Setting up Master Supplier Documents Lists

Placeholders for documents to be delivered by main suppliers can be created automatically by importing document lists from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The document lists can contain a delivery schedule, supplier document numbers, functional location information or any other property information relevant for document control.

Delivery of Document Packages by Main Suppliers

Main system or process equipment suppliers can deliver entire document packages to Project Portal in one smooth operation. Likewise large document packages can be updated, revised, as well as reviewed and approved in large batches. Data created and updated in the Project Portal is automatically validated during the transfer to BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise to ensure validity of all data entered into the internal workflow. This also allows the automatic rejection of supplier submittals that do not comply with the data validation criteria.

Document Delivery Status Follow-up

Advanced reporting functions allow for automatic generation of document delivery follow-up reports in Dashboards or in Microsoft Excel report templates, both for Document Controllers and for contractors or suppliers. Excel format reports can be reviewed and edited offline and changes can be imported back into the Project Portal to update the corresponding properties of affected documents.

Transmittal Management

For official document deliveries to customers or suppliers, Project Portal automatically creates Microsoft Word format transmittal letters. These letters contain full document distribution information as well as references to the documents, document numbers and revisions delivered in the scope of the transmittal. Documents delivered in official transmittals can be frozen from further changes to create a documentation delivery baseline that can be inspected at a later stage. External parties retrieve the transmittal package (documents + transmittal letter) from the Project Portal, which allows the document controllers to monitor when the transmittal package has been retrieved by the recipients.

Master Data Management and Handover

After commissioning, the updated and newly created master data can be released and made available to the entire organization. The entire project can be archived to prevent further changes while keeping all its data available for future use, inspection and possible litigation processes.


Business Benefits

Fully MS SharePoint based (zero client install)

  • Easy to deploy to external collaboration network
  • Available both on-premises for full control or as a hosted solution for minimal IT overhead
  • Involve all required resources regardless of their location and time-zone
  • Improved efficiency through highly increased interoperability across the full supplier network

External network separated from internal data and workflows to ensure compliance

  • Contractors and suppliers access information from a single point of truth
  • Data is provided in a DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone), not on your internal network
  • Reduced risk through full control of data exchange and protection

Quick setup of projects according to internal standards and procedures

  • Project templates are provided
  • Various aspects of the project can be adjusted by project administrators without IT support
  • Reduced costs due to fewer persons involved in managing data exchange processes

Projects delivered according to project plan

  • Design phase completed faster and more efficiently
  • Directly contribute to project deliverables and milestones
  • Reduced project throughput time, leading to increased number of projects per year
  • Reduced design time by transparently sharing all documentation in (nearly) real-time
  • Reduced project throughput time

Seamless handover and validation of data from project to asset environments

  • Version management with audit trail of all accesses and modifications to project data
  • Mass operations to support bulk document delivery & update

Full proof of control for internal and external audits

  • Improved compliance with internal quality standards and procedures
  • Full audit trails of contractor transmittals and submittals