Within the entire Management of Change process, a lot of communication is done through email, either to initiate the required changes or to discuss specific topics during the engineering change processes. To ensure regulatory and legal compliance, formal email communication has to be stored.

Within BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise, emails can be sent either manually or automatically with the related documents to the appropriate recipient. With respect to receiving emails, BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise allows manual storage of the email and its attachments and creates the necessary references. The eMail Manager automates the manual storage process, increasing the data completeness and improving regulatory compliance.

Key Capabilities

Scan mailboxes for storage

Through a scheduled task, specific email boxes are scanned to automatically import email messages. Qualifying emails are automatically stored in the BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise vault according to a set of preconfigured rules such as: subject, keywords in the body text, a list of values or a match with full text queries.

Handling Metadata & Attachments

Through configuration, Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes emails can be stored with metadata such as ‘from’, ‘to’, ‘subject’, ‘date’, etc. At storage, the related attachments are imported into the BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise vault and a reference between the email and the attachments is created. When a reply to the mail includes the same attachments, the system prevents a second import of the attachments.

Categorization of emails

After import into the BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise vault, emails and attachments can be stored in their own “communication folder” within the project for clear organization and security, or along with other engineering content.


  • Track and trace project correspondence
  • Streamline project progress
  • Reduced search time
  • Reuse emails and attached documents
  • Increased efficiency
  • Store design decisions for regulatory compliance