The Asset Management Module enables BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise users to expand their Engineering Data Management solution into a full Asset Information Management system. Unique asset identifiers (tag numbers) allow users to immediately access related documents through search or through integration with systems including SAP-EAM, Maximo, Ultimo, Infor and Famis.

Companies implement asset management solutions to manage the routine maintenance of production assets. However, asset management cannot reach its full potential without proper management of asset-related technical documentation.

The management of technical asset information is vital to the entire enterprise and is critical in order to stay competitive and resume production as quickly as possible in the event of unplanned downtime.

Key Capabilities

Asset-centric Engineering Data Management

Plant changes are always related to the revenue-generating assets. An asset may be represented in many documents, while some documents represent many assets. The assets (equipment or functional locations) can be imported from your maintenance management system or created within a project. Each asset can have meta-data, which may be more extensive than your maintenance management system holds.

Managing Tag-Doc Relations

For making tag-document relationships, the Asset Management Module allows users to create references either manually or automatically.

Besides import from Excel spreadsheets, the attributes of the tag blocks in AutoCAD drawings can be extracted. After extraction of the tag attributes, they are cross-referenced against the existing object tags in the BlueCielo Meridian vault. For tag attributes that match existing tags, a tag-document relationship is automatically created. The user can intervene for tags that are, for example, unmatched and missing tags can be created. Tag Extraction can be done manually or as part of workflow processes.

Hotspot Support

After extracting tag attributes from an AutoCAD drawing, the visual representations of the tag numbers in the drawing can be converted into hotspots. When viewing the document, the user can click on a hotspot and jump directly to the related object in the vault to view additional data about the object.

Through configuration, the functionality of hotspots can be extended, for example, to show the list of related documents for an object, or for a document to show the related objects.

Up-to-date Master Data for Operations & Maintenance

If there is an existing relationships between assets and documents, Operations & Maintenance personnel can search by tag-number to see all related technical documentation, while the search by document shows all related assets. The search result also shows the projects in which the data has been modified, allowing switching to the projects archive for further analysis.

The Asset Management Module provides released information to Operations & Maintenance, even when Engineering is working on modification projects. Since the data includes extensive asset information, the search tools can be used to show dashboards and up-to-date reports, including Line Lists, Equipment Lists, Valve Lists, etc.

Integration with Maintenance or Facility Management Systems

The Asset Management Module allows light-weight integration with Maintenance or Facility Management systems such as SAP-PM, Maximo, Ultimo, Datastream, Famis, Archibus or others. From the maintenance management system, users have direct access to the related technical documentation, for example, when viewing a work order, equipment or job plan. If required, the documentation set can be further filtered and additional search criteria can be applied.

Of the related technical documentation, the user can see all its details, document status and document content through the in-built viewer. In the viewer, the hotspots allow navigation to related assets and documentation. If the system is configured to allow this, older revisions remain accessible and the user can print the documents.

Maintenance & Engineering Connected

When executing work orders, for instance during a night shift, the Maintenance Engineers might make changes on site or in certain documents that are not as-built. The Asset Management module allows for entering remarks and redlining of the documents.

During the day, the Engineering department can pick up the indicated remarks and redlines, add additional remarks and can even put the documents under change. This will immediately be visible to Operations & Maintenance.

In this way, Maintenance & Operations can work 24/7 while being connected with Engineering.

Management of Change Support

Remarks and redlines from Maintenance & Operations might lead to small up to large change projects, for which the Advanced Project Workflow module can be used. After construction and commissioning, all master data can be made as-built. New assets might be created, tag-doc relationships changed and updated and hotspots generated before release to master.

This results in a seamless handover process and assures Operations & Maintenance of as-built master data.


  • Intuitively find technical documents using an asset identifier as a search key
  • Identify which set of documents is subject to change due to a plant change I
  • mproved quality (completeness and reliability) of technical asset information and as-built data
  • Better compliance with quality, environmental and legal regulations
  • Seamless handover of engineering data Reduced costs of production, maintenance and engineering
  • Increased production through shorter unplanned process downtime and stop preparation

Customer Use of Asset Management Module

Watch the short video below to learn how one of our pharmaceutical customers, Grifols, uses the BlueCielo Asset Management Module to integrate IBM Maximo with BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise, providing its Maintenance team direct access to engineering data with the click of a button.