Plant optimizations and greenfield projects are becoming more and more complex, while highly skilled resources are scarce. On the other hand, engineering projects involve large CAD files and assemblies, requiring high band width and low latency for engineers to work efficiently.

The BlueCielo Meridian Global Collaboration Framework enables companies with multiple engineering teams in different locations to act as one global project team.

Through the creation of a virtual project team, organizations can benefit from the local network speed within centrally coordinated project and document workflow processes. Each team member works with the latest version of the design data, while ownership allows revision of the data.

This results in higher quality engineering work, shorter project lead times, improved reliability and better protection of intellectual property.

Key Capabilities

Engineering Data Exchange

Connecting local environments allows the automated exchange of engineering data, varying from (large) 2D CAD drawings and 3D CAD assemblies to Microsoft Office documents. Metadata and references are exchanged together with the engineering content, preserving essential relations between individual files.

Exchange of meta-data can be done regularly allowing near real-time status updates across all vaults, while files are transferred as a scheduled task. Updated documents are marked to improve collaboration in the global team.

Global Workflow

Engineering teams often work in project organizations using formal review and workflow processes. By setting up workflows which incorporate the BlueCielo Meridian Global Collaboration Framework, it becomes possible to work on designs with a global team, each working with up to date data.

In case of concurrent engineering, users can get updates automatically in the configured environment or immediately upon manual request.

In combination with BlueCielo Meridian Advanced Project Workflow, complex projects can be managed effectively by geographically separate or organizationally independent teams.

Control Document Ownership

Each document which is shared between local BlueCielo Meridian environments has only one owner at a time. Ownership can be claimed by through workflow actions or manually at any time. The owning vault can automatically or manually permit or deny such a transfer of ownership. Ownership can also be forwarded to another vault manually, or as part of the workflow.

Flexible Collaboration Topology

Local environments are connected through the internet by use of transfer protocols such as HTTP and FTP. For exchanging data a Peer-to-Peer or a Star topology can be created. Each project may require resources from different locations. At the start of a project local environments can be enlisted, providing maximum flexibility to compose the global project team.



The BlueCielo Meridian Global Collaboration Framework provides significant benefits to global organizations that need to exchange engineering content across dispersed teams:

  • LAN speed within global environment
  • Full control over data changes during collaboration
  • Automated engineering content exchange
  • Tap into global reservoir of expertise
  • Shorter project lead times
  • Improved reliability
  • Less engineering re-work